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Ras Kass Drops Rhymes In Game Of Thrones Recap Rap

If you are a die hard Game of Thrones fan and happen to be a Hip Hop head too, well your in luck.

As fans are waiting for the brand new series to start, rap veteran Ras Kass has summed up the previous six series for anyone who may be a bit confused or has not caught up yet in the best way he knows- through rhymes.

Those who have not quite caught up yet and dont want any spoilers best look away as Ras Kass begins his synopsis spitting “Ay yo, the red lady 500 years old without a necklace/ Stannis failed, Jon Snow was resurrected.”

The Georgia rapper then continues to make his own predictions about the upcoming series.

Game of Thrones is set to be back on our screens July 16th, the new series trailer for the critically acclaimed show was also released last week.

Check out Ras Kass’ recap below.

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Bow Wow Claims He Is No Longer “Mixed”

Remember when Bow Wow claimed he was mixed and not black well apparently he’s had a change of heart.

Now going by the name of Shad Moss the rapper took to Instagram to remind his lady fans that he’s still “fine as fuck.”

Posting a video of himself  he said “God damn, nigga so fine, man,Lips is just pink, teeth white, eyes is white, they match my sheets, and my eyes are green, same colour as money, I mean this is amazing. I look beautiful, look at me. Wow.”

He explained further in his caption “You neva seen a black man YES NIGGA I SAID BLACK with blonde hair and green eyes! Im a win win baby” however he has since deleted this caption, begging the question has he changed his mind about being black once again?

In other related news, Bow Wow recently got himself in to some trouble after threatening to pimp out Donald Trump’s wife and as ever Twitter took their opportunity to laugh at Shad.

#PressPlay: Ladies, y'all agreeing with #Bowwow? Who would shoot they shot ??

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Body Count “Black Hoodie”

Bow Wow Threatens To Pimp Out Donald Trump’s Wife Following Snoop Dogg Tweet

Snoop has caused controversy the last couple of days upon the release of his new video lavender. In the music video he shoots a clown that looks very much like Donald Trump which has caused outrage amongst Trump fans and the man himself who took to twitter to tell snoop exactly what he thought.

One rapper who has got Snoop’s back is Bow Wow who has since threatened the president and his wife, Melania Trump. In a tweet that has since been deleted Bow Wow wrote:

“Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us,”

Although some of twitter found Bow Wow’s tweet hilarious…

 Plenty of other people do not find the new video funny as Florida Senator and Republican Politian, Marco Rubio says Snoop Dogg has made a stupid mistake which could inspire violence

“Snoop shouldn’t have done that,” Rubio said. “We’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that is something people should really careful about. [If the] wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you could have a real problem. So, I’m not sure what Snoop was thinking. He should think about that a little more.”

Other rappers who certainly have Snoop’s back though is T.I. who also responded to Trump. Check out his rather explicit respond to Trump’s tweet below.

What are you views on the Lavender music video? If you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it here.

Method Man To Host New Battle Rap Show “Drop The Mic”

Infamous rhymer Method Man has just landed a role as a host on a brand new rap battle series called “Drop The Mic.”

The Staten Island MC alongside model Hailey Baldwin will present the spinoff show which is said to relate to other popular shows such as James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke.

The show will air on May 2nd and puts four celebs against each other until only one remains.

Michael Bloom, SVP of Unscripted Series and Special Event Programming at TBS has released a statement about the new show and what he believes it can bring to its audience.

“Drop the Mic is a funny, authentic, high-energy series that brings together hip-hop, comedy and pop culture in a way we’ve never seen before,” Bloom said. “Method, Hailey, James, Ben and their team will make sure our celebrity competitors bring their ‘A’ game to the stage.”



Lady Luck Calls Remy Ma “Wack” And Shares Her Thoughts On Nicki Minaj

Tired about hearing about Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj? Well sorry to say the beef isn’t over yet as fellow female rapper Lady Luck has just added her thoughts in to the mix.

Talking to HipHop DX sharing her views she said:

“People want to throw me under the bus because I speak about it,” Luck exclaimed.  “I was robbed. I’m sorry, that’s how I feel. If somebody robbed you, you don’t get over it. Especially when they’re not as dope as you. You don’t. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen. I will never get over it, ever cause she’s wack. She’s wack. She can’t ride a beat. “ShEther,” the insults were dope and I had my jaw. I was like you dirty nigga. I was like Meek said what? I listened to the same way as if she [Somaya] called me with some tea. As a rapper, you was off beat and you sound like you weigh 500 pounds which is the same problem she always had. It sounds like you running up a hill and you’re reading it. I am a rapper. I am a rapper. It’s a way an artist constructs their bars because that’s how they put their rhymes together.’ShEther’ was seven minutes of dope insults. I will never listen to it again, it’s not something you want to play again like “Ether.” We can still listen to it today. They play it on the radio. And then, she just apologized. ”

She later continued stating that Remy had been planning this ever since her jail time adding that she actually felt sorry for Nicki as female rappers were coming for her head just because she was “hot” at the time:

“First of all, she’s been sick that Nicki been hot since she was in jail,” she said. “I’m not going to lie, I was salty too back in the day until I found Jesus and God said be happy for yourself. But, we all was. Shut up female rappers. All of us were mad at Nicki and especially cause she wasn’t fuckin with nobody either. We was all banding together. We was all mad at you Nicki. Remy been throwing shots since she was in jail. Then you come out, waiting and throwing shots at her on different songs. My man was in the studio when she was recording one of their songs and Fat Joe told her to chill. She been trying to come for Nicki head. This is not nothing new.  It’s not an obsession, it’s just you’re mad about who is hot. It just makes sense. She was just waiting for a minute. Even if Nicki been throwing subliminals cause you’ve thrown like seventeen. And now you release an eight-minute record about the bitch? And then you release “Another One” cause you wasn’t done?”

Despite this Lady Luck claims she has no hard feelings towards Remy and adds that she is happy she is home following her six year prison sentence:

“I got nothing but love for Remy,” she explained. “First of all, let’s give her a shout out for doing her time and coming back home as a black woman getting on TV doing her thing and all of that. I’m happy for her. I’m happy for her and Papoose’s “Black Love.” I am a competitive rapper and you’re wack. Listen, it’s alright. That’s how I feel and Nicki rides a beat. Whether y’all feel she’s super lyrical or not, she tears that beat up.”

Steering the conversation in another direction Luck also added her thoughts on Melle Mel calling Jay Z a “clown” and a “white businessman.”

“You know what it is? Mel is a legend. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and everything. He’s supposed to feel that way but there are certain things I don’t agree with. You’re the greatest and you’re supposed to feel as if you can kill anybody in a battle. If you don’ feel that way, then what the fuck are you doing it for. What he said about Jay Z, I do not second that at all. I had Rel Carter on the episode before. No Melle Mel.”